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Why not play and turn your mind of for a second, and let's see how your culinary skills weigh up against your culinary knowledge. One of them might need improvement.

1. What is the use of a paring knife?
  • It is used to remove bones from meat or fish
  • Its function is to remove the peeling or outer skin of a fruit or a vegetable
  • Its use is to slice food into thin strips
2. When one talks about 'barding' a roast, what does it mean?
  • This means it is wrapped in fat
  • It means you tie it
  • It will be simmered in sauce
3. Which of these answers correctly depicts the qualities of fresh fish?
  • The eyes are clear, the body mellow and the weight feels adequate
  • The body is firm, the scales look shiny. It doesn't matter if some of the scales are missing
  • The eyes are clear, the body is metallic and firm with all the scales intact
4. Which of the following statements about healthy food is untrue?
  • Not everything dubbed as 'natural' or 'organic' is actually the healthiest option
  • Vegetarian diets are often protein deficient, or do not have enough protein in them to satisfy our body's needs
  • Many low-fat foods aren't actually that healthy for you, and healthy food isn't always low-fat
5. Why do people add salt to boiling water, besides for the taste?
  • It increases the boiling temperature of the water, so food can be boiled at higher temperatures
  • It lowers the boiling temperature of water, so we don't have to wait as long
  • It increases that number of particles in the water to make it boil slower
6. How can one fix an over-sweetened dish?
  • Add salt and lemon juice
  • Add flower
  • Add some water

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